Acorn Farm
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Acorn Farms

Acorn Farms is comprised of a group of satellite farms with a small central location, located in West Tisbury MA on the island of Martha's Vineyard. We specialize in Tree Work, Poison Ivy Removal and Brush Clearing. We use Goatscaping as a great way to thin brushy areas and maintain meadows and fields. Our revolutionary Pigscaping is hands down the best way to eliminate poison ivy by the root system. It is both cost effective and environmentally beneficial.


Joe van nes

A native islander and tree worker, Joe started farming goats to become more self sustainable. Over the years, Acorn Farms has grown to produce pigs, chickens, vegetables and high quality soil. Ever true to the ideals of permaculture and self sustainable ecological systems, Joe has recently incorporated his tree work into the production of bio-char as both a soil amendment and great way to fire up the grill for the ultimate local culinary experience.